Training Rates


With your membership fees, you are not paying for “access” to CrossFit Flagstaff.  With your fees, you are paying for coaching.

Contact information: 928-225-5547 or use our Getting Started Form

Monthly Fee = unlimited CrossFit classes
By attending any of these classes a minimum of 4 times a week, you’ll be paying about $7.50/coached class.

  • Private Training:  $330 for 6 one-on-one sessions
  • All inclusive gym and coaching membership: $150 monthly autobill
  • 10 attendance Punchcard: $130

CFF Friends and Family Referral program:

CFF is all about improving lives and building a positive community around the pursuit of fitness. Your referrals to your friends, family, and coworkers are integral to that effort. Plus, we all know that CrossFit is even more fun with a buddy or three! Your referral is the highest honor you could give us. It’s an indication that you value our training and the results you’re seeing. It’s time you were rewarded for helping us spread the word!
The CFF Referral Program deal is really simple: Bring your friends to one of our classes so that they can get a taste of this CrossFit thing we all love (Saturday mornings at 9:00 are ideal, but if that doesn’t work, shoot us an email so we can make other plans). For every person that you refer, you will receive one free month once that person has been a member for 3 full months!
It’s that easy. Got a bunch of friends interested in starting CrossFit? Bring them all and score a discount for each one of them. It’s technically possible to get your CFF membership for free as long as you keep getting your friends and family to join, so keep them coming! 
Share the CFF love and save a few dollars while you and your friends get fit!


  • $15 per visit or $50 a week.  A single visit fee can be waived with the purchase of a t-shirt.

Private Sessions

  • Private sessions are available by appointment.
  • $60 per hour 1-4 sessions, $55 per hour 5+ sessions
  • Shared personal training sessions, 2 or more people: $40/person/session

We accept payment via credit or debit card, cash, or check for private sessions.

Special Notes

  • Fees are subject to change.
  • There is no contract term associated with the monthly Automated Billing/Direct Debit payment method. It can be canceled at any time, but we need 1 week notice to avoid a $15 service charge.
  • No cancellations or changes beyond 3 days past billing date.
  • Automated Billing/Direct Debit can be placed on hold if you are away for an extended period for a special, infrequent reason. (i.e. work or holidays)
  • No refunds for Up-Front 6 month membership package.
  • Late charges apply: $10 after 5 days past due, $20 after 10 days past due.

CrossFit Preschool, Kids and Young Athletes

  • CrossFit Kids Flagstaff classes incorporate functional and dynamic training in a fun atmosphere that enables children to experience success in physical endeavors, also training them for life.
  • Preschool Ages: 3-6, Kid Ages: 6-12, Young Athlete Ages: 12-17

Unlimited Classes on Automatic Billing/Direct Debit


  • $45/month for one child
  • $35/month for second child
  • $25/month for each additional child


  • $70/month for one child
  • $50/month for second child
  • $40/month for each additional child

Young Athletes:

  • $85/month for one child
  • $70/month for second child
  • $50/month for each additional child

Kids Class Visitors