Saturday Team Day!

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“Partner Playground” – teams of 2 complete for time:
2K Run (Split between 2 people, in 400-800m increments)
42 Kettlebell Swings (split work however you choose)
42 Goblet Squats (same wt as swing)
1K Run(split in 100-400m increments)
30Kettlebell Swings
30 Goblet Squats
800 Meter Run (split in 200m increments)
18 Kettlebell Swings
18 Goblet Squats

20-25 min time intent


Additionally, big kudos go out to Lacy, who completed the 2nd 5k run she has ever done in her life and she set a new personal record!  Super proud of this gal.  She overcomes a lot of odds, pushes herself constantly, and has grown stronger and stronger physically and mentally.  Great job, Lacy!  Nikki was her biggest fan out there today!

EVENT TO ATTEND! Bruce and his daughter Nona have been working hard on this production and it is going to be FABULOUS!!! DON’T miss it!


  1. Lacy Elson says:

    I beat my time by 1 min!!!

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