Saturday, October 13

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Ragnar Prep:
Hike Elden slabs


20 Swings straight, you can do it!

LuRong WOD
5 Rounds For Time:
20 Burpees
20 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35)

Only two more weeks of "Getting Ha-uge".  The next phase, which I call the "Whadyasnatch" phase will take us through November.  We will be doing more Oly lifting (snatch, clean, jerk and skill transfer movements), Squatting and Conditioning.  Here is a sample day during the next phase.
1.  Snatch Balance, work up to a heavy single
2.  Snatch, 3×2 heavy/ 2×2 moderate
3.  Front Squat, 2×2 heavy
4.  "Helen"
Guidelines for "max," "heavy," "moderate", and "light" loads:

What exactly is meant by light, moderate, heavy and max loads?
LIGHT:  This is technique work.  In
terms of "threshold training" (the balance of technique vs. intensity)
this is all about technique and no intensity.  Think "practice" not
"training".  Light loads should be about 60% of 1RM.
These loads are heavy enough to provide a response, but light enough
that you can look pretty hitting every rep.  In terms of "threshold
training" this is near the tipping point of technique and intensity, but
just a  little more heavily weighted towards the technique side.
 Somewhere around 70-80% of 1RM.
This is heavy enough that you have to think about the weight, but you
shouldn't be missing reps. This is "Threshold Training," where you are
training equal parts technique and intensity.  Heavy loads should be
somewhere around 80-95% of 1RM.
MAX: These are all out efforts.  95-105% of 1RM.  If you hit a PR – stop.  Don't go for multiple PR's in one training session. 


  1. 5RFT Bp/KBSw: 13:22 Rx’d

  2. Jesse Prescott says:

    WOD – 13:10

  3. snatch 9×1 – 175#
    WOD – 11:10 rx’d

  4. LuRong – 10:43 Rx’d

  5. 17:07 Rx’d
    That took way too long. At least the kettle bell swings were unbroken.

  6. At work/ Rest day.

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