Saturday, January 26

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AMRAP 20 of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

Don’t wear a vest.  Don’t change the rep scheme.  Don’t do chest to bar.

Don’t try to impress with big scores, instead be overly strict on the standards.  Do the little things right.
Pull ups – obvious.
Push ups – chest to deck (not belly), no snaking, full extension.  Hips and shoulders rise the same distance.
Squats – depth and full extension at the top with you shoulder in line with you hip.

GPP for Oly Lifters – 70’s style


SO AWESOME! This is a Mike and Lisa Ray workout B.C. (Before CF)!


  1. Mary: 5 Rounds
    First time ever doing it 🙂

  2. 16 rounds + pullups, pushups, 1 squat. Stayed true to the message and intent.

  3. “Cindy” 19 rds. + 5 Pullups + 1 Pushup
    Slow start for the 1st 10 rds. in the Squats, trying to get my back happy with the bottom. Was able to speed up after it warmed up more. Pullups felt easy, was able to do slow and steady Pushups unbroken for about 6-7 rds. then had to break them into sets of 5 to maintain plank and no snake. End rds. were broken into 3’s. Found a good rhythm in the squats and pushups this workout. Being injured has it’s benefits, I guess…plus the focus of good form vs. speed.

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