Saturday, February 16

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1.  Back Squat 
20 RM

2.  "Lots O' Shit" (named by Coach Miller)

5 Bar MU
10 Six" Elevated HSPU
15 Box Jumps, 30/24
25 Burpees
5 Power Snatches, 135/95
10 OHS, 135/95
15 Power Cleans, 135/95
20 Jerks, 135/95
25 Deads, 135/95


Insert CrossFit For Hope: Kenya in here as a 3rd WOD if you wish to participate.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
50 Squats
30 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups

What is Hope for Kenya?

What is Hope for Kenya?

Inc. is committed to making people's lives better in the 250
square-mile rural area surrounding Mombasa, Kenya. Education, food, and
water are three major needs for the population in this area. Through the
efforts of our affiliates, we can help the people of Kenya commit to,
and invest in, improving their own conditions. We provide no handouts.
By creating realistic, self-sustaining solutions to specific problems,
we enable Kenyans to stand strong for generations to come.


  1. Jesse Prescott says:

    WOD- 35:53 rx’d
    No time for the 20 rep

  2. Did CF For Hope WOD:
    completed 3 rds. + 50 Squats + 18 Pushups
    Pushups were pretty tough after still being sore from the DL/Pushup WOD this week!

  3. Wod – 28:41
    Did not do the 20rm and the name for the wod fits too well

  4. Active Rest: At Work

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