Saturday, August 18

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And this is the 4th met-con benchmark, enjoy!

1.  "Fight Gone Bad"
Complete AMRAP in 1 minute of:
Wall Balls, 20/14
SDHP 75/55
BJ 20"
Push Press 75/55
Row for Calories
Repeat for 3 rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds.

2.  Foam Roll
Adductors and Posterior Chain for 12 minutes

We now have FOUR metcon benchmarks established before we begin our Strength Phase.
1.  Sprints: 10x100m, OTM – no load, short time domain
2. AMRAP 9: Thruster/MU – heavier load, more technical gymnastics, and moderate time domain.
3. "Black & Blue": 5 RFT of PC/Burpee – Moderate load, short to moderate time domain.
4.  FGB: 3 rounds of multiple movements – lighter load, longer time domain.

These benchmarks will let you know when your metcon is back up to speed.  Over the next two months we will be focusing on getting bigger and stronger.  Improving your metcon will go on the back burner for a while, but these benchmarks will let you know exactly where your wind is relative to before getting huge.


Who you train with matters.
Do the athletes you train with push you?  Do they beat you in workouts?



  1. 286, Started with SDHP, 15# ball.
    Walked up Snowbowl Road before.
    Getting back into metcon suuuucks!!!

  2. 257, wb->row, 20#wb to 10′
    (40 reps under PR)

  3. Jesse Prescott says:

    Started at wallball. 319 reps. PR!!

  4. 128 (I think 🙂
    First wallballs post ACL surgery…most were below parallel with 16# ball.
    12″ box jumps

  5. Audrey
    oops….I meant 182

  6. Izzy
    250, started with WB
    (32 Reps under PR)

  7. 296 reps – Super Scaled!!
    10# Wall Ball
    55# High Pulls (no DL)
    20″ step ups
    45# strict press

  8. 265 started at wall….

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