Saturday, April 6

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13.5 PREP
1.  General Warm up
see the FAQs

2.  Mobility
Hip Flexors

3.  Specific Warm up
A.  Burgener Warm up

B. Walk through 2 rounds of:

  5 Front Squats, 45/35

  5 Push Press, 45/35

  5 Pull ups
C. Walk through 2 rounds of:
  5 Front Squats, 105/65
  5 Push Press, 105/35
  5 C2B

D. Walk through 2 rounds of:
  5 Thruster, 105/65
  5 C2B

E.  Get ready to chew concrete tomorrow

1.  Run

5k for time

2.  Prowler
400m Push for time, 45/empty

3.  Cash Out:
100 Hip Extensions
Not for time, break these up as desired.  

"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners…. 
Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing… 
not moving toward excellence." 
– Dennis Waitley

Know the Difference: Training vs. Testing vs. Competing


Know the Difference: Training vs. Testing vs. Competing

You can’t max out every day…Sometimes less is more.

There’s a difference between training, testing and competing. In
CrossFit that line has gotten blurred, especially by those newer to it
who are still in the honeymoon phase. I’ve been around this stuff for
the better part of a decade so for me the honeymoon is over. I know what
to expect. I know how most workouts are going to feel. I know how to
game them. But most importantly, I know the difference between training,
testing and competing.


is your day-to-day sessions (metcons, strength, skill work, etc). You
want to get a good workout, achieve the desired stimulus, work on the
things you need to work on, and then go home and recover. You work hard,
but you don’t need to keep peeling yourself off the floor each and every training session.


is doing a benchmark workout (or something in a similar vein) for the
2nd, 3rd, or 50th time in the hopes of improving on your previous best
effort (which hopefully wasn’t done yesterday). This would also apply to
strength lifts where you might do max reps of a weight at, or near,
your 1-rep max. Pulling your 1-rep max for 2 or 3 reps means you had a
good day, it’s not a PR. There’s a difference.


The feeling of competition
is something completely different. Whether it is a competition like the CrossFit Open,
some locally held event with multiple workouts in a day, or the couple
times a year when you do a CrossFit, Powerlifting, or Olympic total,
those are the moments when the world fades out to a muted blur, you go
to that dark place and find out what kind of man or woman you truly are.
That is competing. That’s when a true max effort occurs. Most people
only have maybe 12 of those efforts in them per year.

Keep your training hard but fun (because if
it’s not fun, why do it?). Use your testing as a barometer of your
training. And leave your competition days knowing you put forth a true
max effort.

You can’t max out every day (unless you’re on drugs). Sometimes less is more.


  1. Judged at Fury for Open 13.5, then teamed with Tara, Katie L, and Julie for Jump For Jackson – Double Unders for 10 minutes. We broke through with our score of 956 DU to the next round of 5 min.(548) DU went really well in 10 min, not as well in 5 min, but we all had fun!

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