Running Dirty 30’s in the Park

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John Tuitele, one of our very dedicated clients who has been training with CrossFit Flagstaff since we started, has gone back to Phoenix (apparently there was a cute blonde waiting for him there…).  John’s dedication and the excitement he has shown for CrossFit has continued and he is spreading the love in Phoenix.
1.  Kettlebells, Dumbells or canvas sand bags for Sumo Deadlift High Pull and KB Swings.
2.  Medicine Balls for Med Ball throwdowns (Slam Ball)
3.  Kid’s jungle gym or park bench

Run 200 m
30 Box jumps (up on park bench or platform on jungle gym playground thing)
Run 200 m
30 KB Swings (We did Russian style with 10K and 20K sandbag of choice)
Scott substituted negative pullups (herniated lumbar disc)
Run 200m
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (10 or 20K sandbags)
Run 200m
30 Dips (on playground gym, but could also do bench dips off park bench)
Run 200m
30 Pushups
Run 200m
30 Ball Slams (8 or 12 lb med ball)
Run 200m
Squats (to park bench ht or to med ball ht.)
Run 200m


  1. Just for clarification…..the cute blonde is my wife.
    You guys should try this park workout stuff at altitude……mebbe May or June after it thaws.

  2. If you are unable to find a 10k or 20k Kettlebell/sandbag you can substitute a medium sized toddler, which I am sure are in abundance at John’s “gym”.

  3. Yea, the mom’s get kinda weird when we use their kids for farmer’s carries. We returned to the park today for a workout called “Bono’s Brilliant Adverb” that was pretty nasty. I’ll send Lisa and Mike a copy. It’ll put you on the ground. Again.
    I’m working Craigslist for all it is worth for more equipment and just received the cute blonde’s blessing for a pullup bar in the garage. PIcked up an Oly bar and Elite Rings (old style) for $60 last week. No cheap dumbells and rack as of yet………

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