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For Time:

  • Run 5k (3 miles)

CrossFit Running Instructional Videos:
Intro to Pose Technique (CFJ Preview)[wmv][mov]
Intro to Pose Technique Pt 2 (CFJ Preview)[wmv][mov]

Running Seminar Technique Analysis…[wmv][mov]
Running Technique, CrossFit Newport Beach…[wmv][mov]


Tips for Running from CrossFit Rainier’s Running Technique Seminars:  How to run better, not easier-with Beth Delaney and CrossFit Running with Scott

"I love this picture because you can see so much of what we learned.
Take Rory and Alex, face forward, forward torso lean, and their feet
are about to land midfoot forward.  Holly looks OK, too, but she
doesn’t have the forward lean of the other 2.  Now Amy and Tony –
because I know you can handle being the "what not to do" people – you 2 are about to heel strike, Amy’s posture is too upright, and neither
of you have your feet under hips (or won’t when you hit the ground)." -Laurie, Rainier CrossFit

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