Rowing Intervals with a Burpee Pull Up Penalty

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IMG_6403CrossFit WOD   
20 Minutes of:  

Row for a minute
Rest for a minute

Score is total meters rowed. Goal= 3,000m

*Penalty is 1 burpee pullup for every 10m short of 3,000. 

Compare to June 2013  March 2012

Skill Work for Grip Strength:

sand bag deadlifts – NO HANDLES- 3 sets max rep deadlifts with a heavy sandbag

IMG_6367 IMG_6370 IMG_6369

IMG_6366IMG_6326 IMG_6372 IMG_6324 IMG_6375 IMG_6379IMG_6325 IMG_6382

IMG_6313 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6317

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