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Road Ride up Snowbowl Rd. at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning!  Meet in the parking lot just south of Snowbowl Rd. on Hwy. 180 at 6:00.  See you there!


  1. Hey Gang,
    I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been at CFF because I’ve not been a 100%. I am having a really hard time sleeping and was sick most of the weekend. Plus my schedule has been funny. I really love my new job (like REALLY love it) and was wondering if any of you have any experience with not sleeping and how you schedule your workouts and rest. It may sound weird to post this, but it is very important to me to do really well in ALL aspects of my life and I know that is true for all of you too. My diet is ok, my general health has been low and I’m worried about losing fitness. Any thoughts would really help. I know there is such a variety of things we all are involved in and I consider your take on things as much as I do Heidi’s and even medical professionals. I believe it is a health issue and thus why I bring it here.
    Thanks for any thoughts

  2. heckboy says:

    Welcome to shift work in the Emergency Room!!!! Block out time to sleep, blackout shades, white noise (fan, air conditioner, etc.), something in your belly before you go to bed. Are you doing night shifts? Pressure of a new job, two toddlers at home, funky schedule, jacking up your biorhythms, wacked out sleeping = stress. You will have an adjustment period, but try to figure out the sleep thing. I find that if my sleep gets messed up, the rest of my life follows.

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