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time is quickly approaching for the 2nd Annual Trevor Win’E Memorial
Day Fundraiser Workout!  This year we are teaming up with John Tuitele,
from Strong Medicine CrossFit, to kick some serious butt in our
fundraising and produce a bunch of teams!

See our Photo Album of the teams and members who participated last year, on the right side of this page.

need teams and the military needs vests!  Sign up a team of 4 to
participate in the Memorial Day Workout and raise money to buy cooling
vests for the folks in the military!  Come one, come all!  We’ll put
you on a team if you don’t have enough people for your own!  All comers
welcome and encouraged.  This workout is completely scalable, as
always.  Just come and have fun and raise some money for our military!

Win’E Memorial Fundraiser

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Date: May 26th, 2008- Memorial Day

CrossFit Affiliates, Fire, Police, and Military around the globe will come
together to remember the fallen, and to support our sons, daughters, husbands,
wives, neighbors, and friends who are in harm’s way each and every

Four member teams will come together for the Trevor Win’E
Memorial Day Challenge to participate in a team CrossFit style workout and
donate. Each team entry fee -$200/team, $50 per person- pays for one cooling
vest for folks on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan. This workout
fundraiser is to support all heroes in our military. The event will be held at
CrossFit affiliates around the world. CrossFit Flagstaff is joining in and we
want lots of teams to participate in this event!

The team workout named "Trevor", on behalf of US Army SPC Trevor Wine’E
(killed in action near Mosul, Iraq in 2004):

300 Pull-ups then,

400 Push-ups then,

500 Sit-ups then,

600 Squats

This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps to be completed
by the team. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.

Watch the Video here for the "Trevor"
Workout Demo
executed by the CrossFit Santa Cruz Trainers.

Please take some time to visit these websites and learn more about
Trevor Win’E and the
Mist ‘N Go Vests the fundraiser will earn
for the military.

To Donate for this great cause without participating in the challenge,
follow this link: 

Call Lisa for more information at 928-607-6139 or Register
on your own. 
If you do register your team on your own, please register as a team
under the CrossFit Division and CrossFit Flagstaff affiliation and
notify me that you did so and what class time you will be participating
in.  If you are a fire department, then of course register as such, but
include CF Flagstaff as your affiliation, and notify me of your
registration, team, and time of competing.  Thank you!

Trevor_vest Trevor_4 Trev_armytruck4_3

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