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A study was showing subjects that followed a Paleolithic
diet and the major metabolic changes associated with the diet. It was
published in the Advance-0nline-Publication section of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

…The contemporary American diet figures centrally in the
pathogenesis of numerous chronic diseases-'diseases of civilization'.
We investigated in humans whether a diet similar to that consumed by
our preagricultural hunter-gatherer ancestors (that is, a paleolithic
type diet) confers health benefits.Methods:We performed an outpatient,
metabolically controlled study, in nine nonobese sedentary healthy
volunteers, ensuring no weight loss by daily weight. We compared the
findings when the participants consumed their usual diet with those
when they consumed a paleolithic type diet. The participants consumed
their usual diet for 3 days, three ramp-up diets of increasing
potassium and fiber for 7 days, then a paleolithic type diet comprising
lean meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and excluding nonpaleolithic
type foods, such as cereal grains, dairy or legumes, for 10 days.
Outcomes included arterial blood pressure (BP); 24-h urine sodium and
potassium excretion; plasma glucose and insulin areas under the curve
(AUC) during a 2 h oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT); insulin
sensitivity; plasma lipid concentrations; and brachial artery
reactivity in response to ischemia. Results: Compared with the baseline
(usual) diet, we observed (a) significant reductions in BP associated
with improved arterial distensibility, significant reduction in plasma
insulin vs time AUC and (c) large significant reductions in total
cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and triglycerides. In all
these measured variables, either eight or all nine participants had
identical directional responses when switched to paleolithic type diet,
that is, near consistently improved status of circulatory, carbohydrate
and lipid metabolism/physiology.

Conclusions: Even short-term consumption of a paleolithic type
diet improves BP and glucose tolerance, decreases insulin secretion,
increases insulin sensitivity and improves lipid profiles without
weight loss in healthy sedentary humans…

Rapid Health Improvements through Paleolithic Diet by Dr. Michael Eades

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