Rainy October OTB!

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Beth says…’WHAT COULD IT BE THIS WEEK???? Dare I ask? What if I’m afraid? What if it’s hard? Or something I think I can’t do???” Don’t be afraid! It’s all completely open to every level of experience – including to those who have never tried it before! We want you to expose yourself to new things, get outside, get out of the gym – let us show you how! Every Wednesday at noon!

If you’re gonna be wet in the rain, you may as well get wet!  Meet Tara and Lisa at the NAU pool at noon for some pool and slam ball combo work!  Get out of your comfort zone and make friends with your fears and weaknesses!  Light and gradual exposure…or if you’re uber comfortable in the water, let us push you with some new stuff and up your ante a bit!




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