Push Press

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Push Press
(click for instructional video)
Increase load each set.
Rest to recover between each set.

CrossFit Push Press WOD -video
Learning the Push Press -video


In the first frame, Tara comes forward on her toes rather than sitting back on her heels.  Her hips are open, or "muted", rather than sitting back in a power position from which her dip can be driven to put momentum on the bar.  I believe this is why her heavier loads are more difficult to push press.  The power of that drive has to come from the hip, and is lost when the hip remains open, "chasing her femurs", as we say.  The other 3 frames show that she corrected the dip, had a powerful extension, and a great locked out catch overhead. 
Img_1359I am using these photos as examples to demonstrate form and learning the movement.  Both Tara and Chloe did awesome and this is in no way meant to pick on them personally!
If we look closely at Chloe in the 1st frame, we can see that the bar is held slightly off her shoulders, rather than resting there.  In her dip, the drive will not be able to transfer momentum to the bar, because it isn’t resting on the body.  She then starts muscling it up as she comes out of the dip, pushing it away from her body and even at extension, the bar is still at chin level, so the drive of the hip is of no use to her, and it becomes a muscular shoulder press the whole way.  After some practice with a lighter bar, Chloe improved and she was better about allowing the bar to rest on her shoulders and was dipping and driving much faster, transferring the momentum of that hip drive to the bar, making it much easier for her to get the weight overhead.  Unfortunately, I was so excited, I forgot to take the pictures.

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