Push Jerk 1RM

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Push Jerk

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As the loads continue to increase for the athlete mechanics become imperative to continued improvement. Spend time warming-up to the first working set. The first working set should be 80% or above of a previous 1 rep max. Determine if you will go for a new 1 rep max based on how you are feeling during the heavy sets. Keep all sets above 80%.

How to approach heavy singles.  The first thing to have in mind is just how heavy you want to lift. A good estimate is adding 20% to the weight you can lift for 5 reps. Then begin warming up.

A good approach to the warmup up a heavy singles day is to lift for at least 3-4 sets before working towards a heavy single.
– 1 set of 5 at 50% of what you expect to lift.
– 1 set of 3 at 65%
– 1 set of 3 at 75%
– 1 single lift at 80%
– 1 single lift at 85%
– 1 single lift at 90%
– 1 single lift at 95%
– 1 single lift at 97%
– 1 single lift at 100%
– 1 single lift at a new PR (5# +)

Things to keep in mind during heavy lifts:
– Think about technique, not the weight.
– Approach the lift with confidence. Assume that you will lift it.
– Drive all the way through to the end of the lift. Don’t ease off after passing the sticking point!
– Rest 3-5 minutes between the working sets.  These are HEAVY.  Between those maximal effort sets should be fear and contemplation.  Focus on what you need to do to make the lift successful.  The most optimal position, the speed you will need to get the bar up, the tension through the core to pass the energy from the hips to the bar….

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Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps
The reps have been increased to give the beginner more opportunities to drill positioning and proper mechanics.  Begin the first working set of 3 when the weight feels heavy but the mechanics are maintained. Increase the weight only if the mechanics are sound. Practicing sound mechanics now will build a foundation of solid mechanics in the future. Rest 3-5 minutes between each working set. Log the heaviest set lifted.

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