Push and Pull

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Westside Lift: RE Bench Press – 50-70%, 3 sets
    First set, 15 reps.
    Second set should be around 12–15 reps.
    Third set, go all out and try to get 20–25 reps.
    The first 2 sets should not be done to failure so try to leave a couple reps in the tank.
    Rest for 3-4 minutes between sets.IMG_5298


As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes:

  • 1 Rope Climb – 15'
  • 15 Pushups

IMG_5211 IMG_5211 IMG_5202 IMG_5202 IMG_5202 IMG_5292 IMG_5292 IMG_5191 IMG_5191 IMG_5191



  1. Well.. This was a good WOD to leave on, maybe I should of thought about loading a moving truck with a sore upper torso. Oh well. Im going to miss everyone, its been a blast, and we will back to visit soon.
    I have one more WOD, anybody in? :
    Load moving truck
    drive 1200 miles
    (all for time. 3..2..1..)
    And on the pushups heres a cool quote:
    “Sloppy push-ups suggest to me a superficial interest in athleticism and a degree of laziness. Put a little attention and effort into the simple things and it will pay returns in the more complicated and interesting ones.”
    Greg Everett
    Peace Out

  2. Joel Barnett says:

    Drive safe Dylan, we’ll miss you.

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