Pull and Push

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CrossFit WOD – IMG_9908
1)   Skill Work/Group Warm up
3 rds:
30 second chin over the bar hold
15 band pull aparts
8 DB strict press

2)   WOD
5 rounds of:
     1 minute of DB Deadlifts
     1 minute of Pushups
*Do not rest between rounds. Post total reps completed for each exercise and weight used for the Deadlift.



Strength WOD –
     Find 1 Rep max Back Squat


CrossFit Flagstaff’s Mission Statement:

Change the world one life at a time by elevating functional fitness, transforming self-perception, and building community.

This post on CrossFit.com strongly resonated with me today and I feel compelled to share it here.  I know I am incredibly proud. This affiliate is coming into it’s 10th year as well. Knowing how many lives we have touched across those years is a beautiful thing. NO applause needed. We are just doing what is necessary. To change the world, one life at a time. Thank you to all who are and have been part of that.

If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t have dedicated the last decade of my life teaching it.

“We don’t deserve applause.

“Not for CrossFitting anyway. Maybe for mission work or tithing 99-percent or saving a bus full of children, but not for CrossFit.

“CrossFitting is something we SHOULD be doing; like brushing our teeth and looking both ways before crossing the street. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t have dedicated the last decade of my life teaching it.

“While I don’t believe a single human deserves accolades for doing the things we should already be doing, I’m proud. Overwhelmingly, insanely, uncontrollably proud. Proud of you. Of us.

“You should be too.

“Just because we don’t deserve a parade doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proud of our accomplishments. Especially CrossFit.

“CrossFit is hard. Magically, impossible sometimes and twice as infuriating as golf. One day we’re unstoppable and the next we’re incapable—a spectator to a sport we ruled the day before.

“Be proudest then, when the days are the worst and the last thing you want to do is train. It’s those that make us better people—not athletes—people: big difference. But like the darkness each bad day brings, it never lasts and light finds a way.

“This New Year, don’t worry about who’s watching. Do the things we as humans should do anyway. The challenging, uncomfortable and unpopular things, things that make us stronger.”

—Josh Bunch, owner of Practice CrossFit

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