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 Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes:

CrossFit Instructional Videos:
Bench Press: Arch, Mark Rippetoe …
Bench Press Basic Setup, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Body Position, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Bench Press: Feet, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Levers, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

Coach Rippetoe will be at the gym this weekend, teaching the Barbell Lifting Cert!  No regular classes this weekend!  HAVE FUN and GET LIFTIN'!!

IMG_1359 IMG_1374 IMG_1363 IMG_1365 IMG_1369 IMG_1353


  1. Robin Moore says:

    Sunday’s workout…
    400 meter run
    Three rounds of 25 box jumps 20″, 150 single-unders, 25 push-ups.
    400 meter run
    I’m tired

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