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Work up to a max with:

Power Clean/Power Jerk then Squat Clean/Split Jerk. Little-to-no pause between the two; essentially two reps of clean & jerk.

Good job everyone! Especially Cody who hadn’t done much O-lifting before – if any.


Team Rowing – 2,000 meters, 4 person team (500 meters each). No pause between rowers. 8:19 was our finish time. Cody rowed his 500m in 2:24, Patty rowed hers in 2:23, Cullen in 1:48, Linc in 1:43.



  1. Cody is the MAN!!!

  2. Lincoln Brigham says:

    A job well done for you too, Cullen. Your patience on the first pull and speed on the second pull is refreshing. Your technique is coming along really quickly. Plus a 1:48 500 meter row when you haven’t done much rowing at all is excellent.
    Patty’s technique is right on as well. A little more aggressiveness and speed and she’ll be scary good.

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