Nutrition Seminar and 6 month Challenge!

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At 2:00 this Saturday, July 24th, we are going to offer a Nutrition seminar that
will then launch a 6 month nutrition challenge to begin August 1st.  We haven't done a
Nutrition seminar to this depth
before, so we anticipate about 3 hours, with the lecture, practical, and
discussions.  The cost of this seminar will be $25 to attend.  We will
be tracking bloodwork results during the Challenge, as our benchmarks
for change. The bloodwork will include cholesterol/triglyceride markers
and insulin/blood sugar markers, and they will be a requirement to
participate in the challenge.  We will discuss why and what these
numbers mean during the seminar.  I strongly encourage those who are
interested in the seminar and the challenge, to get bloodwork drawn and
bring the results with you this coming Saturday, to look at when we
discuss them.  We will give you the labs you need to
obtain when you RSVP for this seminar.

The schedule will include:
Lectures from Mike
and Lisa Ray
     1.  What food is, how it
affects us internally on a chemical and hormonal level.
Myths and bad science on current history of nutrition education and why
it has caused our current health conditions, today.
     3.  How to change and reclaim balance, healthy, and optimal

Success stories from other CrossFitters who have
made huge changes and seen the benefits.

A look at bloodwork
profiles and educate you about what the numbers mean and why they
matter.  Look
inside the "Black Box" (yourself).  This seminar and Challenge will
focus on the inside impact of your food, not so much the outside

Examples and tips on how to easily get started in making a change in
your food choices and lead a healthier lifestyle in the midst of a very
busy life. 
     1.  Large quantity prep
     2.  Quick, last
minute choices
     3.  Travel tips
     4.  What to do when no refrigeration is
     5.  Kids
     6.  Fast Foods and Restaurants

breakouts on meal planning and prep ideas and macro-nutrient
composition, with trainer
feedback on if they are correct and how to make those meals

At this point, we will be offering the launch and registration of a 6
month Nutrition
program and Challenge that will hold you very accountable to your
choices for 6 months.  Enough time to really make changes that will show
real results and could
last a lifetime. To continue in the seminar at this point, you will need
to make a commitment to this Challenge and to me for the time I will
spend with
you in helping you make these life changes.  In the months ahead there
will be weekly, monthly, and quarterly follow ups to certain markers and
tracking systems, such as continuing bloodwork, field trips to the
grocery store and several types of restaurants, educating you in how we
choose our foods there, how to eat wisely but yet enjoy yourself, and we
will have progress checks on your own home meals. 
There will be required reading and testing of recipes along the way, as well. Recommendations, systems of eating, and levels of trainer intervention
will be given according to your needs, based on your
bloodwork and other health markers.

If you choose to not
participate in the Challenge, and just want to attend the seminar, that
is totally fine, as well.

There will be a charge for the Challenge and if you commit to it,
$25 attendance fee will be included.  I say there is a charge, but if
you pass each of your follow-up markers, telling us that you're
following the advice and instructions you will be given, you will
actually get
your money back.  If you do not follow the instructions and pass the
markers, you will forfeit that particular segment's cost.  This provides
incentive and consequences to hold you accountable and try harder. 
Think of it as an investment
in your health. By the end of this 6 months, you have the potential of
getting all of your money back and the help provided for free. 
This is the launch of a new program for us, so this will be the only
time it ends up being totally free, if the all challenges are met.  In
the future, there will be an additional charge for
this extra time and effort on our part.  Consider this an investment in
your health.  You get the double return in your money back AND the
benefit of reclaimed health, and amazing
education, if you put in the effort and learn that it's not that
difficult.  It's just a choice about what you put into your mouth and
we'll help you make that choice.  Who's in? 

I will need an RSVP before the seminar, please.


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