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At least not tonight, we’re tired!

The Workout:

One clean & jerk every minute for 25 minutes. Total tonnage is the score; at most only two weight changes on the bar are allowed.

As a finisher, 20 handstands against the wall.


Tara starting the pull-under phase of the squat clean.


Amanda & Tara did 25 reps with 35 kilos. (1,929 pounds total) Connie – who had never done clean & jerks before – did 15 reps with 12 kilos, 10 reps with 17 kilos (771 pounds total) Nice job everyone!


9:00 a.m. WOD

3 Rounds For Time:
600m run (alley run + Stop sign to Stop sign)
  25 Kettlebell swings
600m run
  25 Burpees
600m run
  25 Box Jumps

Sarah: 22:00 (1 round)


  1. Tara Paprocki says:

    Very Nice form in the video Amanda! HOpe to see you tomorrow night for a FF workout!!

  2. Lincoln Brigham says:

    Amanda, watch out for the left knee diving in during the jerk drive. Other than that, quite good: good patience on the first pull, big improvement on positioning for the second pull, better aggression and speed on the jerk, textbook shoulder rack position on the front squat.
    Tara, good job on the squat cleans.

  3. WOW! Impressive work, Girls! I’m really glad Connie got some instruction on the C&J and I see a great shrug in Tara’s photo, and Amanda is always showing great form and improvements on the lifts! Great job! Thanks, Lincoln, for teaching!

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