No Shame

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Thursday’s are off day in CFF programming. If you missed a workout in the last 3 days, you now have the opportunity to make it up. If you completed all 3, you are probably READY for a rest day. If you just can’t stay away from this place, you can do the CORE development workout – or just socialize with your friends. As our good friend Kevin Lee likes to say, “Sweatin’ and Smilin'”. Whatever it is for you today – GET IT.

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No shame.

There is no shame in stripping weight off the bar mid-WOD if it means you will be able to keep moving through your reps.

Your goal is INTENSITY.

There is no shame in using irrigation boxes because the 20 inch box intimidates you.

You will jump HIGHER.

There is no shame in using a band for your pull ups, doing push ups from your knees or lifting an empty barbell.

You will get STRONGER.
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There is no shame in having to do jumping MU, double under attempts or handstand holds.

Your technique will IMPROVE.

There is no shame if the weight you lift is less than your partner’s.

You lift the right weight for YOUR progression.

There is no shame in stopping a workout because an old injury flares up.

You protect your future HEALTH.
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There is no shame in having to sub or mod the WOD.

You create the best workout for you.

There is no shame in being the slowest. There is no shame for being the least fit, the heaviest athlete, the weakest lifter or the newest member. There is no shame in finishing 4th, or 5th, or last.

When all is said and done…

You get up, you get out the door, you show up.

You come, you move, you work, you sweat, you crumble.

You give your ALL.
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So next time you feel stupid, weak, inadequate, frustrated or anxious about where you are right now, Stop.

There is no shame in being who you are in this moment.

The only shame lies in not striving to be the person you want to be tomorrow.


Talia is ensuring John is ready. For next year’s Open. For Life. Flip that hair, Girl!


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