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Come and Play

Dear Beginners:

You’ll never know if you don’t try.

If you stay inside and watch the CrossFit runners, the  walking lungers, the crazy folks with the sandbags and the sledgehammers, the barbells and the balls. The brave, odd people that the others talk about: those “CrossFitters.” If you stay inside with your fears, away from them, you’ll never know what they know.

You wonder if you can do it — this CrossFit thing. You wonder if you too could CrossFit.

You can.

CrossFit is not just for the elite, or the athletic, or the perfectly proportioned.

CrossFit is for everyone.

Let me say that again: CrossFit, despite what you may have heard or thought prior to this moment, is for everyone. Don’t listen to the folks who say it’s too hard, or too different or too much of . . . whatever. Or the folks who would steer you to something less. Don’t accept less, from your exercise program, or your life.

Nothing will make sense until you try. Just go and try. And then, if you’re lucky, everything will make sense.

And you’ll feel welcomed home, to a place you’ve never been before . . .



Courtesy of CrossFit Lisbeth

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