New Trainers and Upcoming Seminars!

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Hello CrossFit Flagstaff!!!
We want to introduce 2 new trainers coming on board and welcome back a couple of trainers who have been away for awhile!

Liz Miller
is starting her internship this week as an assistant trainer, shadowing and starting to teach on the floor!  She recently attended her Level 1 seminar and earned her trainer’s certificate.  She has been observing classes for several weeks and is taking the next step into the role of assisting, so please welcome her and pay attention to her cueing!  She has a good eye!

Ben Withey has moved back to Flagstaff and is joining our training staff!  While he has lived in Denver much of this past year, he attended a Level 1 seminar, earned his trainer’s certificate, and has been training for Big Horn CrossFit in the Denver area.  We are excited to have Ben back here at CFF and even more so to have his enthusiasm and passion as a trainer on our floor, with all the experience he has gained working with Big Horn CF!

Please welcome Liz and Ben W!

Scott and Audrey are also officially back in Flagstaff, having purchased a home here and Audrey is now working at FMC rather than Kingman!  They will both be training for us, so you will see them back on the training floor more frequently.  Audrey will soon be getting her Kids training certificate, so she will also be helping out on that side of the gym!  Scott and Steve Hendrix will be putting on a Strongman Saturday once a month, much like our workout on Monday, so look for that on the calendar!

We are proud to be hosting a CrossFit Level 1 trainer seminar here at CrossFit Flagstaff on the weekend of October 26-27!  Many in our community have attended an L1, whether they wanted to become a trainer or not.  It’s not just intended for future trainers, but is also a very valuable way to continue to develop your understanding of CrossFit – the philosophy, the basic movements and patterns of movement as they apply to many others, more information on nutrition, and a deeper understanding of this sport of fitness you work so hard at.  Please feel welcome to attend!

Also on the books is a CrossFit Kids trainer seminar, the weekend of November 30 – December 1.  Several in our community will be taking that, both to be come trainers in our CrossFit Kids Flagstaff program, as well as for our Steve’s Club non-profit CrossFit program we will have in Sunnyside!

This is an exciting time and you are part of a thriving and growing group of trainers who continue to strive for excellence and bring a greater depth of knowledge to their training.  It is an honor to be chosen to host these seminars!

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