Monday, July 22

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“Fear is your friend.  Fear is an indicator.

Sometimes it shows you what you shouldn’t do.

More often than not, it shows you exactly what you should do.”  
Tim Ferriss


1.  Wendler Deload Phase – Back Squat and Bench Press

The idea of any deload is to give the body a rest so it can recover and then move forward. You can’t step on the gas all the time.
90% of 1RM is baseline to calculate other percentages off of.  Don’t go up in weight any further than that!  Be very proficient to form and perfect bar path.

    40% x5 Reps
    50% x5 Reps
    60% x5 Reps

NO max reps on last set, only 5.

2. C2B Pullups

1 x max reps

3. 300 Double Unders For Time.  Every time you mess up, do 3 Burpees.

4.  Gym WOD – Shoulder Press and Pullups


  1. Chelsey says:

    Chelsey’s WOD
    Back Squat
    Bench Press
    C2B Pull Ups 1×5
    300 Double Unders 5:15
    WOD 19:23 90# 2.5 85# 2.5 red and blue band for pull ups Red 2 @ 10:00?

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