Monday Makeup

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Snatch 7×1                                "Barbara"                             Skill Work

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  1. Totally proud of myself for making myself face my fears and jump on the 16” box. I knew it could end up like my first time shaving my legs. When you’re over thinking it. I envisioned jumping up ( after I remembered how to jump, because I over think things too much and actually could not recall how to jump) and missing and shaving off at least the first 3 inches of skin off my chins. It wasn’t pretty…BUT I DID IT! Thanks for the great class.
    Geanne aka Genie aka G aka Wheezy.
    I noticed there is a big issue with my name. “G” works quite well 🙂

  2. GEANNE! Your name is important and we WILL learn it!

  3. Geanne, that was my bad! I apologize here and now, publicly on the website, sorry about that.

  4. Oh no! I didn’t want that. No apology NEEDED! I just thought I could make it a little easier for all. You guys are amazing!

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