Thursday, January 31

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1.  Snatch Complex
Power Snatch + Squat Snatch, work up to max set

2.  Overhead Squat
1.  2RM
2.  Max reps with 90% of 2RM

3.  3 RFT: (same as gym WOD, but heavier)
4 Snatches, 165/115 – Power or squat is ok.
12 Pistols – 6/side, alternating
20 TTB

4.  Run
4 x 400m, on the 3 minute


Coach B and the Clean

At this CrossFit Invictus
Training Camp, longtime Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener works
with one athlete who is not reaching full hip extension and is
therefore being pulled forward by the bar. Coach Burgener explains the
height of the bar is often less important than the speed with which an
athlete can pull under it.

If athletes “lose connection” between the time of hip explosion and
getting under bar, Burgener says he tells them to “keep pulling as
they’re going down because pulling on that bar as I’m going underneath
the bar is critical.”

At that point, the athlete begins cleaning from just above the knee.
Burgener advises him to shrug and let the shoulders lead him down under
the bar.

“You gotta shrug down and around that bar,” he tells him. “As I’m
doing the shrug under, I’m not trying to pull the bar up, I’m trying to
shrug myself down under the bar.”

Coach Burgener illustrates the point with pictures and video, and the
overall message is clear: finish the second pull by extending the hips,
then pull under the bar like a junk-yard dog.

Download as SD Windows Media.

Download as SD Quicktime.


  1. Did this on 1.28…
    Snatch Complex: 133#
    OHS: 163#/ 148# x 5
    Met Con: 10:22. Power snatches, no misses.
    Runs: Ran out of time.

  2. Snatch complex – 195#
    OH squat 2rm – 280#, 90% 250x 2
    Wod – 10:12

  3. REST:
    Got a 60-minute deep tissue massage and my therapist told me under no uncertain terms to NOT DO ANYTHING.

  4. #3. 9:47 at 75# (back is hurting, hard to pull much weight off the ground). Pistols felt pretty decent, thankfully.

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