Monday, December 10

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Those competing in AC^2, you are 5 days out. What is your plan for tapering and rest this week? If you don't have one, or have any questions, talk with Lisa or Todd. You want to be rested and chomping at the bit come Saturday morning!! Please share this with those athletes competing, but not on Comp Squad regularly, thanks!

Note difference in weight for Comp Squad vs. regular gym programming:

1.  Snatch PP+OHS
work up to a heavy single

2.  Snatch Balance
work up to a heavy single

3.  Snatch 
Work up to a heavy single

4.  Snatch and Muscle Up Mash Up

OTM x 10
Odd:  Max Unbroken TnG Power Snatches, 165/115
Even: 4 Muscle ups


  1. Snatch PP + OHS: 155#
    Snatch Balance: 165# (PR)
    Snatch: 150# HUGE PR!!!
    Mash up: 3 reps on the snatch until the last round, just 1. Got all 4 muscle ups each round

  2. Snatch Balance – shoulders are very sore today and still having a hard time coming from behind the neck so kept it light at 55#
    Snatch – 90#
    Snatch/MU Mashup
    25 reps at 85#/2 MU -shoulders too sore to turn MU over.

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