Monday, August 5

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1.  Strength Focus Class – 1RM Bench Press

2. Skills
Odd:  3 Pos. Squat Clean, 50% of 1RM, Pause for a full 2 seconds from each position; (1) from mid thigh, (2) at the knee, (3) mid-shin but off the ground.
Even:  3 M/2 W Muscle Ups

(MU Scales:  Don't have a MU but have multiple PU and RD: work transition strength with bands.
Don't have multiple PU and/or RD:  Work 2-3 reps of each of those to build that strength/ability.)

3. Gym Agility/Jump Focus

4. Gym WOD – DL/OHS Couplet


  1. Robin Moore says:

    Super stoked to be posting my first Comp Squad w/o!!!
    My 1 rep max was 182#
    I completed the 3 pos. SC in 21 min. I had to take one round off, @ 67#.
    I have a 15″ verticle jump.
    And I got a 35 second PR on time with the wod, 45# OHS & 185# DL.

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