Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20

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Rest Day.
What’s the difference?  
Rest is just that – nothing.  Relax, veg-out, hang with the family, watch tv and generally get off your feet.  Rest is important both mentally and physically.  
Recovery is about pro-actively speeding up your recovery.  This involves massage, ART, active recovery, mobility work, foam rolling, yoga, compression, voodoo flossing and anything else that might promote recovery. 

Recovery Day.  Make up what you may have missed is you feel you are ready, healed, recovered, and it won’t affect the rest of your training this week.

1. Skills
Odd:  Handstand Walk max distance for 30 sec.
Even:  3-5 Squat Therapy – (

2. Strength Focus – Zercher Squats 5×3 across (moderate weight, not heavy)

3. Choose one of the following:
60-90 mins of Stretching
60 minutes of mobility

4. Light run, not for time – 5k

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