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IMG_7437Makeup the workout you missed this week.
135 Is the New 95, 3 Queens

IMG_7420 IMG_7308 IMG_7279IMG_7262 IMG_7258 IMG_7257
Yep.  You’re seeing right.  That IS Joel doing a pullup, not a Clean!

IMG_7422 IMG_7413
IMG_7234 IMG_7240IMG_7274 IMG_7244IMG_7322 IMG_7260IMG_7278 IMG_7276 IMG_7255

Scott and Liz gave a great Goals Seminar…
if you missed it come back on the 27th and get help setting some goals – like Krista!

IMG_7202 IMG_7285 IMG_7435

Murph – In Memoriam – Into Memory for Lance.

Sgt. Lance C. Davison
USMC Marine Force Recon OEF/OIF Combat Veteran
Bronze Star . Navy Commendation Medal . Purple Heart
IMG_7339 IMG_7406

People have been asking how they can help. Option 1: A fund has been set up for Lance’s son Korben at Wells Fargo. The banker said to make sure checks are made payable to Korben’s Benefit Fund. 3352-399-889. Option 2: Donate money through this link.


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