March Challenge Comes to an End and April Challenge: CF Games Qualifier

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OWERS!  Your March challenge it coming to an end!  Time to re-video your row technique and if you haven't finished your 20,000m, get into the gym and get those final meters under your belt!  Don't forget to watch the Row videos for a refresher, work the finer points on your row, and we will do the final video for analysis this week and next. 


C2 Damper Settings, Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Concept2 – Excellence in Execution (Angela Hart, CF Rowing Cert) (CFJ Preview)[wmv][mov]
C2 Rower-Other Settings, Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Common Flaws (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
C2 Summit Highlights …[wmv][mov]
Rowing Basics (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, Ia, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, Ib, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIa, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIb, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIIa, Greg Hammond, C2 ( (CFJ Preview)) …[wmv][mov]
Row CorrectionsIIIb, C2 ( (CFJ Preview)) …[wmv][mov]
Stroke Rating (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Wattage (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Technique Refinement (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]

The April Challenge is the upcoming Regional CrossFit Games Qualifiers -to participate as competitors and as CrossFit Flagstaff gym members!  Come and compete (you can still register), volunteer, spectate, and encourage your local athletes as they compete in the Great Basin Regional Qualifiers for the 2009 CrossFit Games on April 18th and 19th!  Athletes from Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah are converging at our gym to compete for the top 3 male and top 3 female slots for the CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA in July!  CrossFit Flagstaff will be represented by Cullen Young-Blackgoat, Lisa Ray, Casey Rose, Katie Lowe, Robin Moore, Amanda Hull, Justin Shafor, and Matt Moore.

CullenLisa Casey Katie Gameslogo Robin Amanda JustinMatt


  1. Lisa
    I think I will do my own challenge this month…row 20000 & no sugar again. Sign me up.

  2. Update from Reno… did a workout with rowing yesterday, which brings me to a total of 19,750 meters total. However, last 250 might be hard to do. Not sure when I will be at a gym next!

  3. Did the Thruster/burpee workout after 2 mile run! It was one of those workouts that looks OKAY on paper. It was hard, 🙂
    as Rx’d 11:36 mins

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