Things To Worry About

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Things to worry about after you have a 1,000 pound Crossfit Total, a sub 3:00 minute Fran, and a sub 35:00 min Murph:

  • Should I wear Skins?
  • Should I take the Progenex Whey Protein or L-Glutamine?
  • Should I visualize my WODs before I do them?
  • Should I limit my exposure to potentially estrogenizing plastics?

Things to worry about before then:

  • Did I eat Paleo today?
  • Did I sleep 8+ hours?
  • Did I work hard without being stupid at the WOD today?
  • Did I try to eliminate the things in my life that cause me stress?

Patriot CrossFit


  1. Wait…is that Patriot CrossFit’s list? Or Cullen Young-Blackgoats list? Because if it’s Cullen’s it’s missing a few things, like: Should I wear underwear when I WOD? Is it bad luck to wash the clothes I PR in? Running shoes or oly shoes?, running shoes or oly shoes?, RUNNING SHOES or OLY SHOES?
    Love you C. Miss you, and your fam.

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