Make Up – SMASH UP!

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Make UP:
Run 400m x7

Shoulder Press and Deadlift HEAVY

Big Clean Complex


Some REALLY BIG STUFF went down at the gym today!
PR’s on lifts – Olympic weightlifting complexes that rocked the house with Steven and David W. throwing 175# and 185# like it was a plastic toy,
                        – Kait put up an 80# complex for her 6th round when that used to be her 1RM,
                        – Tara G. Deadlifted 220# 3 times when 210# used to be her 1RM,
                        – Joni came home and showed huge improvements in her Clean technique,
                       – and KATHY GOT HER FIRST PULLUP – not just 1 but TWO!!!! 
Solid day of impressive feats of strength and athleticism – all due to the consistency and dedication in their training!  Strong work!

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