Make-Up Sunday Fun Faces

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On Sunday’s we make up the workouts we missed in the days prior, we work on skills that allow us to get faster and stronger, we socialize, we stretch and do core development work…. Sunday’s are a nice, chill, open gym that is coached and yet allows some flexibility and freedom to do what you feel you need that day.

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The most overlooked benefits of CrossFit: Confidence, Character, and Mental Toughness

We train HARD! We train to get RESULTS! That is the obvious. What about something that is maybe even more important and sometimes overlooked…the mental toughness CrossFit provides.

CrossFit bleeds through much more than the physical benefits we push past mental and physical barriers more than ever and during every single workout, if YOU truly push yourself.

Well…do you?

All of these 3 aspects, confidence, character, and mental toughness, go hand in hand and build off of each other. Be confident in your abilities and accomplishments, build character through the ups and downs of training, and always believe in yourself during the workouts and find the strength and mental toughness that is within you.

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