Make Up Sunday!

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IMG_5602Personal care, Saturday’s workout by yourself, hit the Open 16.3 workout, pummel your Core…. Today is all about that!
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The Muscle Ups are improving! Justin got 21 more reps today, over his first attempt! He clicked in that he needs to lean over the bar at the top of the pull. Nice work!


Another 1st Muscle Up – and then 3 more! Sarah is insanely strong! She does a kipping pullup, and then proceeds to literally muscle herself up and over the bar! SCORE!

Bar Muscle Up Videos:

1- 30 Second Bar Muscle Up Tutorial

2- Bar Muscle Ups VS. Kipping Pull-ups 

3- Eliminating the Bar Muscle Up “Chicken Wing”

4- The Bar Muscle Up Transition “Fast Sit-up”

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