Make Up Day and Upcoming Events

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Thursdays are Make Up Day! Make up the workout you missed in the last 3 days, do some Core Development, or work on the skills of a movement you want to improve – or just chill and hang with great people!

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Welcome to Morgan and Rachel from CF Fury,!  Morgan just competed with us at AC2!  Gettin’ after it on the Dirty Thirty at elevation!

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Welcome back to Sam, visiting again from CF Infinite Strength!  Loving seeing Sam and his kids consistently return to visit!

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Ben took “The Chief” to a whole new level today and performed it with honor in his turnouts!  We called it “The Captain” for him today, to congratulate his recent promotion to Captain!

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Great to Andy’s son, David, join us for a visit and do “Oasis” together!  He just started CF 6 months ago in CO!


Friday night Fight Night AT THE GYM! Lisa and Mike will be getting the fights on Pay Per View in the third space. Anyone is welcome to come on over and watch! Potluck at 7 pm, fights start at 8. See you then!


Scott and Audrey are moving to the east coast (insert big sad face) and this Saturday is the last Strong (Hu)Man Saturday he will be coaching. So come to class at 8,9 or 10 for a final Scott Strong Man Hurrah! We will then have a potluck brunch following the 10:00 class to wish them well. Bring your strength and some breakfast food to share!

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