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  1. Dang Girl! Lookin Tough as Always! Some day I hope to look 1/2 as tough and buff as you!

  2. My coach will kick your coach’s ass any day.
    What, you don’t believe it, bring it than!
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    After school, 2:30, by the flag post. Your dead meat missy…

  3. When that’s done, my other coach is going to kick your coach’s husband’s ass and then fix his ass and then kick his ass again!

  4. Katie B. says:

    Again, why I tell you that you are my hero every day. They couldn’t take the camera off of you!
    We Flagstaff CrossFitters are soooooo lucky!

  5. Jeepers. I’m taking posting privileges away from my husband.
    Thanks everyone!

  6. All the attention on Lisa (which she does an amazing job) BUT did anyone notice Mike in the back ground???? Pretty sneaky

  7. Susan - says:

    niiiiiiiiiice, Lisa!
    Hi, Everyone at CFF.

  8. Susan - says:

    niiiiiiiiiice, Lisa!
    Hi, Everyone at CFF.

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