long time coming…

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Alright…so i had every intention of starting the zone when i started full time at GMT in August, coming to the zone dinner, getting pschyed to start with everyone…well i obviously didn’t…After reading everyone’s posts, seeing the ripped ladies Lisa posted and wanting to represent Cross Fit Flagstaff well at the seminar in October… (you can’t be sending a soft pudgy girl to hang out and train with ripped fit crossfitters from all over…) 😉 , and of course wanting to fit in my work pants better…;)  i stocked up on veggies and such and started today  Wed. 9/12…   breads and sweets are a huge weakness for me…this will be challenging, but need to keep the end goals in mind…

I am still trying to figure it all out, reading, asking questions…

I weighed in today at 66.5 K (with workout clothes and shoes)  at the Peaks

The day went well with meals and snacks due to bringing lots of options to work with me. Not too hungry…and i echo  Izzy with visiting the bathroom way more than usual. (this was sometimes challenging during calls.) Man as soon as that Pt was unloaded at the ED…straight to the bathroom, no passing go, no cleaning the ride till  other things were taken care of. 🙂 

Must bring a blender to the station…was very sad to realize this morning when i got to work that i could not make my breakfast smoothie. 

Off  to bed…and not hungry…=)

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