Long Distance

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For Time:
Run, Row, or Bike

  • 10k (6 miles)

Any one of them or any combo of them combined to total 10k.  If a combo is chosen, transition from one exercise to the next quickly.


  1. Cullen
    Run 4.1 Miles on Treadmill : approx 40 mins
    then Row 2K : 8:51
    Total approx 48:51
    5K Run: 30 mins
    Then Tabata Something Else: Jumping Pullups, Knee Push ups. Total: 352

  2. and um…
    Why no pictures of Matt and Adrian? Did EMS come and take them away?
    F-Bomb, that is really fast.

  3. Mike thinks he might not have told them the entire run path. The last 800m loop may have been left out of the end of the run…not sure, but the time would be explained by that. Not that they aren’t fast, but that is pretty smokin’ for time! It does help to have someone else pushing you though…

  4. Cullen: Geez, Mike went back too huh?
    Heidi: I guess.
    Cullen: That’s hardcore.
    Heidi: Um, yeah…but look at Sara’s hair. It’s Soooo cute.
    Cullen: Huh? Haircut? ah F it. Never mind, you can have the computer back now.
    Heidi: There have been so many cute hair cuts lately. Katie, Sara and Chloe…
    Cullen: I’m walking away now.

  5. Ryan: That guy Cullin is F-bomb nuts
    Reply In My Head: Yea, but damn his is crazy for crossfit
    Ryan: I think he is just crazy.
    Reply In My Head: Be careful, he is a sensitive guy and you might scar him by telling him those hurtful things.
    Ryan: F!#K you voice in my head…he’s a wack job.

  6. Cull-with an-e-n says:

    Fucking nuts. (not rated for family)

  7. Ryan, do those voices ever tell you to do bad things??
    Like, “no friends on powder days?”

  8. Cullen, you are a kind perfectly sane person, those comments were not directed to you. Cullin was this crazy ass mofo I used to know back in the Bronx.

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