Lifting Shenanigans

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IMG_8072CrossFit WOD

1.  Build to a heavy 1 Rep Max Deadlift

2.  For time: 30 Deadlifts at 75% of above number
*OTM break for 20 Double Unders

Strength Focus

Work up to a heavy 1 Rep Max Bench Press

IMG_8073 IMG_8071


Through adventure, things that were once new and scary, things that made us uncomfortable, are now really no big deal. This is how adventure makes you stronger.


Dream big. So big, people can’t help but notice. Then they can’t help but be interested. Then it’s only a matter of time before they want to be a part of it.


Adventure makes you more attractive. Stretching yourself beyond what’s comfortable, trying something unfamiliar and scary – that is attractive. Take the fork in the road when it’s offered.


When you don’t know what to do, do SOMETHING. Step outside your comfort zone. Answer the call to adventure.


Big is a culmination of a lot of small things. Build the small things into something that is important to you. What is one small thing that you can do right now that will take you one step closer to what can be a big deal to you?


Choose adventure when it presents itself to you. With one step, you’re well on your way to making yourself smarter, stronger, and more attractive.


Welcome to your first class, Ryan! So great to have you join us!


When you take a step outside of your comfort zone….it follows you. Every step you take, it goes with you.

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