Life Without SUGAR – The Update

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IMG_4209 These
are the foods I used to eat on a regular basis that I do not eat anymore- at

Bagels, Crackers, Cereals, Chocolate, Rice, Jelly, Candies,


I used to eat that I still eat:

creamer in my coffee, chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies on cheat days, tortillas
every once in awhile.


I didn’t, or barely ate, that I eat more of now:


Vegetables, Nuts


Level:  ZERO


I feel:  AMAZING.  It is the most wonderful feeling to sit at a
restaurant, not reach for the bread, and not miss it.  It is an incredible
high to go to the grocery store and pass up almost everything.  It is
beautiful to have a cheat day and eat my chocolate chip cookie dough without
guilt or remorse.


body feels stronger and more healthy.  My energy level is far more
balanced.  My performance at Crossfit is improving. I am finally rid of
most of my belly fat.  My body looks more defined.  But how I FEEL is
the most exciting aspect of not eating sugar.  I feel proud to have done
it… I feel happy to be able to keep it up…. It feels like an
achievement, an accomplishment, a benchmark. 

If I can, anyone can. I know that.



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