“Josh” and “Elizabeth”

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Elizabeth_2Today’s WOD

CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Elizabeth"

For Time:

21-15-9 Rep Rounds of:

Annie and Greg demo "Elizabeth", as Rx’d.

Greg demos Power Elizabeth, not as Rx’d.

JoshThis past SATURDAY’S WOD didn’t get posted.

Jason coached CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Josh"

For Time:

Annie demos "Josh".

(all white highlighted movements are links to demo and lecture videos for education, courtesy CrossFit.com.)

Special thanks goes out this week to all our trainers who have stepped up to the plate and covered extra CrossFit Flagstaff classes, new clients, and NAU classes while Mike and I have been out of town.  We TOTALLY appreciate their time, efforts, enthusiasm, and willingness!


A good article with a little something to mull over about yourself and your own performance.  Don’t quit pushing yourselves to the edge, and over, discovering what you’re capable of.  Seeing many of you start gunning for one another’s times and loads lately has been great.  I have seen peformances improve, plateau’s be broken, excellence pursued, perseverance prevail inspite of fatigue and near-death hallucinations-and Pukie’s presence.  It is because of the pursuit of excellence AND A Dose of Humility.  Thank you, again, Jon Gilson!


  1. Hey Lisa, Thanks for posting the article “A Dose of Humility.” I needed that! I haven’t been pushing myself, but today is a new day!! Thanks again!

  2. Hey, when did people do Josh??

  3. Wow.
    I really like him. That article is great.

  4. Weak chicka! says:

    From the article: “The weak choose mediocrity…Instead of living with the idea that their best was not enough, they give less than one hundred percent”
    I am weak but I would not go as far as stating not giving 100%. But I definitely feel less than mediocre every time I compare my efforts to others…

  5. Who wrote that?
    That’s automatic 25 thrusters…
    There are definately NO WEAK chicka’s at CFF.

  6. Plus 10 burpees because I spelled definitely wrong.
    $%#$3 !!

  7. Crossfitflagstaff says:

    Sara. FAR from weak, my friend. Also from the article, “Know that no matter how good you are there is someone out there who is better. Your personal records are yours alone, and your gym records are just that—gym records. This type of knowledge can only drive a man in one of two directions—excellence or mediocrity.” The fact that you choose to continue to push yourself, to keep striving to be better, that marks you as strong and far from being weak. Weak is not being less in strength or numbers than someone else’s gym records, weak is to expect less of yourself, to allow yourself to choose mediocrity, to not give their best, whatever that may be for each individual.
    I watch you in your workouts and I see a strong woman who returns with determination to keep on trying, to keep on doing her best, giving what she has, and keeps on getting stronger as a result. THAT is strong, that is NOT weak.
    As Cullen says, there is not one woman at CrossFit Flagstaff who is weak. Not one woman, not one man.
    You inspire me to be and do better. Thank you for that.

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