John Tuitele’s Spartan “300” Chipper

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300 Total Reps For Time:
30 Overhead Squats
-45 lb.
30 Hang Cleans -40kg (88 lb.)
30 Push Press -45 lb.
30 Kettlebell Swings -1 pood (35 lb.)
30 Knees-to-Elbows
30 Box Jumps
30 Ring Dips
30 Slam Ball
-20 lb.
30 Calories on Rower
Jumprope Double-Unders

Thanks, John, for our evil WOD today!  CrossFit Strong Medicine

Izzy and her RIPPING abs and double-unders!    Chloe and her ever-narrowing grip in the overhead squat!

Patty got 3 double-unders in a row today!  Spartans at heart, all of you!


  1. Thank for not posting pics of my rocking “AB” note: singular AB

  2. She didn’t post it because we barely saw you. Done so fast. Did you go get dinner while I was giving blood to the jump rope? Or was it when I was slam balling my toes?

  3. Not too bad for a bunch of granola munching birkenstock clad highlanders.
    Okay. The workout is legimately ugly. You’re welcome.

  4. Yo Lisa! Just dropping in to say hey! Great site and it looks like a great group of people. Trying to swing making it to your box for the cert, but I am going to Hawaii the following weekend, so I don’t know… Take care and train hard!

  5. John T…….I envision a scene with the Grand Canyon in the back, my Birk clad foot against your chest, and me screaming “This is Flagstaff!!!”.
    Spartans Unite.
    P.S. Thanks again

  6. Ryan – ya big stud. Just don’t say “Spartans Unite” – certain practices are best left private in the Agoge.

  7. Ryan, dont let JT get under ur skin. If he had done it here in Flag, it would have put him under Dr. Carter’s knife. And all the way to the Cath Lab JT would be crying, “Oh, the altitude, THE ALTITUDE!” 😀
    Now after all that BS I just posted, I am glad I was stuck in Tucson till 11:00 yesterday morning. That looked like a gnarly workout JT. Thanx, now I will have an easier time today competing with the rest of them.

  8. whoops, I just realized JT did the workout here in Flag…
    dont I feel like the dumba@#

  9. Jason – I didn’t participate in the workout at the Peaks…..I actually did the workout on top of Mount Humphrey so it’d pose a bit of a challenge.
    Nah…..I don’t trust air I can’t see. Besides, down on the desert floor provides a unique opportunity for “heat conditioning.” Or something like that.

  10. and it is more comforting cause you can see the air down there, kind of a pale yellow-brown, right?

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