Joe’s Sister-in-Law, Running in Space

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Joe Williams’ sister-in-law, Suni Williams, is an astronaut who will run the Boston Marathon aboard the international space station.  He shared these photos of her training, tethered down to her equipment.

CNN also just ran an article about Suni’s training and running the Boston Marathon.

"Zooming through low-Earth orbit at 17,500 mph, Suni Williams completes the
standard marathon distance every 5.4 seconds.

But for next month’s Boston Marathon, the U.S. Navy commander will run the
equivalent distance on a treadmill — 210 miles (338 kilometers) above Earth in
the international space station, and tethered to her track by bungee cords so
she does not float away.

"She thought it would be cool if she gave it a try," said Williams’ sister,
Dina Pandya, who will run the race the traditional way with almost 24,000 other
runners. "She said, ‘I’ll call you on Heartbreak Hill.’ "

"The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle achievement for most runners," BAA
spokesman Jack Fleming said. "For Suni to choose to run the 26.2 miles [42.2
kilometers] in space on Patriots Day is really a tribute to the thousands of
marathoners who are running here on Earth. She is pioneering a new frontier in
running and in sports with her run, which will truly be out of this world."

Read the whole article here.

Congratulations, Suni!  We are all inspired by your endeavor and wish you the best!  Thanks for sharing this with us, Joe!

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