Jerimiah and his “Tallahassee Gym Ghetto CrossFit”

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We really miss Jerimiah, but are glad to see his passion for CrossFit went with him to Florida!  Thought many of you here would appreciate Jerimiah’s words and photos to say hello to folks in Flagstaff!Img_3761Img_3767

"I’m feeling great these days. Tallahassee is very hilly and I’ve been
riding everywhere. The climbing gym has all of the most important
things: a good community of climbers and families, a climbing gym at which I’m
coaching (yeah), and a fine selection of holds. The location and
structure of the gym is great. It’s in an old industrial park with huge
covered loading docks outside which provide lots of space for crossfit

"Got two more new folks to work out with here at the Tallahassee
Rock Gym Ghetto Xfit! At our next session, we’ll have 6 people and a camera to get some
shots finally online.  I think within the next two weeks we’ll have some Oly weights and
we’ll be building a wooden squat rack.

Thanks for being great coaches (and friends.) I’m quickly reaching
the boarders of my crossfit knowledge: hope to rent a Oly coach at some
point. I can see this becoming very popular here and I am asked nearly
every day at the gym about that "weird workout" I’m doing out on the
loading dock.  People are very interested and motivated to learn and
contribute.  I find myself prefacing many statements with: "I’m really
new to this and not a Oly-coach but here’s what I’ve learned:"  I’ve
referred lots of folks to the website and downloaded most of the

Subsequent emails tell us that Jerimiah unearthed some sand filled plastic plates, wiped the dirt and mold off of them, and has been putting them to good use out at the loading docks as well.  Who says you have to spend thousands on bumper plates and expensive equipment???  Love hearing how he is putting together this awesome workout setup literally from the "ground" up.  This is truly the spirit of CrossFit. 

A more recent post from Jerimiah also yielded some photos of him and his fellow "Ghetto" CrossFitting compatriots…

"Scored a light weight GHD knock-off at Goodwill for 10 bucks.
($9.99,actually.) Happy to give up good mornings.

Did Fight gone bad tonight: subbed burpies for rowing and used a
hanging target and a 15# homemade med ball.  Hanging targets are
challenging! I Had 5 misses on my last round. It was funny in a
I-want-to-vomit-now kinda way."
GREAT hearing from you, Jerimiah!  Keep up the good work and spreading
the CF love!  Nice work to your crew there in Tallahassee!
-CrossFit Flagstaff



  1. Jerimiah and fellow Ghetto XFiters…great to see the photos!!! I don’t know about fight gone bad with burpees…YUCK!!!
    There is rumor of a crossfit seminar here in Flasgstaff end of summerish…would be great to see you come back and get certified with the Flagstaff crew!!!
    Until then… keep the photos coming and keep the crossfit love going strong in FL!!!

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