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Img_2235 CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Jackie"
For Time:

                                                                                                                                      Cullen 7:25 as Rx’d, Mike R. 6:47 as Rx’d

Img_2146 Img_2203 Img_2157 Img_2211 Img_2225 Img_2207_2 Img_2213 Img_1624_2 Img_1626_5 Img_1627 Img_2221 Img_2194 Img_2215 Img_2229 Img_2216


  1. Cullen did “Jackie” at FAC tonight. Basically told work he needed to run out for something and he’d “be back in 20.” He should have just said, “be back in 10.” Literally. Cullen pulled a 7:25 min. Jackie, knocking Mike off the #1 slot on the board (At least for a little while). He had enough oxygen to shoot me a text immediately thereafter.
    Mike’s comin’ for him tomorrow. We’ll see if that coveted spot is short lived. AWESOME, Cullen! We are starting to feel some heat of some of you picking up the pace, being comfortable with suffering a little more, and getting STRONGER.

  2. Lisa, can you please take that pic of me rowing off! That is a terrible pic!! Aaugh!!

  3. Hey!
    What happen to that picture of Amanda rowing?
    I brought all my cousins and in-laws in to look at that picture.
    Darn it!
    Lisa, can you please put that picture of Amanda rowing back on?

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