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CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Helen"
3 Rounds For Time of:

  • 400m Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings -55 lb. M/35 lb. W
  • 12 Pullups

CrossFit Santa Cruz & CrossFit North Santa Cruz Ladies Demo "Helen"
"Helen" in Baghdad


Some of our prodigals return…welcome back Patty, Cody, and John T.!!


  1. Note the official scoring method for Icy Helen is total seconds to complete the workout divided by age in years with a lower score as the goal. I’m giving you a peek at the new CF scoring system soon to be rolled out by Greg and Lauren at the Las Vegas affiliate meeting. Greg will claim it as his invention, but I am the one who developed it in our weekly meetings with the hope of granting a more realistic reflection of the greater effort required by those of advancing years.

  2. John,
    It is really good of you to allow CrossFit to utilize your brilliant scoring technique, and to even be big enough to allow Coach Glassman to take credit!
    You’ll have to remind me. You meet with Greg weekly. I think you said you meet with the president once a month and wasn’t it biweekly with the UN secretary-general and at least every couple months with Putin, Hugo Chavez and the Pope (separately, of course)? I think that whole EU thing was your idea. 😉
    PS: Cullen and Jason, I feel you breathing down my neck. Fortunately, the new scoring system will give me a little buffer.

  3. Ryan Heck says:

    John…give Elvis and Amelia Earhart my regards. I bet both of them are fully supportive of your new system.
    PS. Mention to Elvis – three carb blocks per bannana, 1/2 tsp PB per block fat and we would prefer if he fried those sandwiches in olive oil.

  4. Ryan Heck says:

    P.P.S. Subtract one N from my spelling of banana then divide it by four (letters in my first name) to get the correct spelling.

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