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I have put up a monthly calendar in the "Class Schedule" link.  We will update that calendar weekly with Ryan’s 5:30 a.m. class days and with occasional other changes.  Please refer to that schedule for class times, additions, and changes.  As weather improves we will start holding some classes outside as well.  Thanks!


  1. Just want to extend a very big thanks to Mike, Lisa, Chris, Troy, and Dr. Cavanaugh for giving me a place to live at for the ~2 weeks I’ve been in Flagstaff. Everybody there is tough as nails and still sweet as sugar. I can’t wait to come back to Flagstaff to train with you guys again!
    For time:
    21 95 lbs. Overhead Squat
    42 Pull-Ups
    15 95 lbs. OHS
    30 Pull-Ups
    9 95 lbs. OHS
    18 Pull-Ups
    13:40 (I think) as Rx’d
    I need to do this one again at sea-level. It is really, really different doing this in elevation.
    CrossFit San Diego

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